Environmental Mycotoxin Testing

Take Control of Your Indoor Air and Surface Quality

Concerned about chemical mold toxins? Jose Tech’s advanced mycotoxin testing solutions can help create a safer indoor environment. Contact us today for a consultation!

      • 1-Identify the most common indoor mycotoxins that pose significant health risks.
      • 2-Assess your inhalation exposure by testing for mycotoxins in the air you breathe.
      • 3-After mold remediation, get peace of mind that remediation has reduced mycotoxins to safe levels in the air & on surfaces.
      • 4-Use results to guide healing discussions with your healthcare provider for toxic mold exposure.

      Molds Produce Mycotoxins

      Molds are known for producing mycotoxins, chemical byproducts utilized as a defense mechanism against other molds and fungi competing for resources in the same environment. These mycotoxins can become dispersed in the air and adhere to surfaces within your home.

      Mycotoxins Vs. Mold Spores

      Mold spores and mycotoxins are two different things. Mold spores, being biological in nature, can cause symptoms resembling allergies like hay fever. Mycotoxins are chemical poison that can result in various health issues from short term ailments to severe conditions, like cancer.

      How Can Mycotoxin Testing Improve Your Indoor Environment?

      The Benefits of Mycotoxin Testing: Ensuring Safe Air and Surfaces

      • Safeguard Your Health:
      • Mycotoxins are carcinogenic and can cause significant brain effects such as neurologic and neuropsychiatric signs and symptoms, so testing for them can safeguard you and your family.
      • Take Control of Your Air Quality:
      • Inhaled mycotoxins have direct access to the bloodstream, presenting a serious health hazard, but mycotoxin air testing can detect their presence and guide proper removal actions.
      • Post-Remediation Verification:
      • Air and surface mycotoxin testing can confirm the effectiveness of mold remediation in removing mold-produced mycotoxins from your space.
      • Lingering Mycotoxins:
      • Mycotoxins can persist in structures long after mold removal efforts, posing health risks that emphasize the importance of testing and taking steps for their removal.
      Mycotoxin Testing