Mold Inspections

Certified Mold Inspector

Mold inspection is a service that we started 14 years ago. As certified mold inspectors, we will consult with someone either on the phone or in-person that needs our help and we will come into their home typically for one of two reasons. We are either trying to find what is causing an odor that they have detected and can’t find the source of or to find something that is making them ill. This certified mold inspection typically takes about 1 hour while we inspect the home, depending on its size to look for moisture around
each of the windows, doors, all plumbing fixtures, under sinks, around toilets, in closets, and basically anywhere that could be a place for moisture to reside. We do not rely on just the information the client gives us but we do a thorough inspection and look everywhere we can to find the issues with moisture in the home or office.