The importance of having a Nationally Certified professional is that we have to do continuing education every year to keep our certification. This is true of almost all professional’s in the home service industry.  This assures that not only do we know our trade, but we also keep up with the latest technologies to help you with your indoor air quality. We are not a home inspector for real estate, nor do we perform the remediation for your issues. Rather, we give you an honest evaluation of what the issues are with your home or business, and an independent, non-biased recommendation regarding resolution. 

We have been in thousands of homes over the many years of providing this service, each unique in their layout and issues. Jose Tech Inspections Services offers real-world suggestions on how you can take care of any issues or if it is a job too big for yourself. We work closely with the top contractors in the local area that can do the best job for each situation. We only refer contractors that are licensed and bonded and have earner our trust over the years for doing quality work.