VOC Assessment

Volatile Organic Compounds

VOC gases are released from various products and building materials through a process called off-gassing. VOCs are an often overlooked aspect of indoor air quality and may be responsible for a wide variety of adverse health effects. Homes and offices can have issues with these chemicals that can cause sickness or at the least irritation. These health issues include :
Headaches, Lethargy, Itchy eyes Nausea, Stuffy nose Respiratory irritation, Frequent respiratory infections.

We have a process of taking an air sample that will gather a signature of all the chemicals in the home, office, or any
area that we are testing. The samples are sent to a national lab and the results let us know what chemicals may be in the home or office. There are about 600 different chemicals that the system checks for. We have found
gasoline (in small amounts), propane, and other signature chemicals that can cause a great deal of harm even in low amounts. This process takes about one and a half hours to complete in your home
and while the sample is being taken, we look throughout your home to find other issues that may be the problems such as water leaks or humidity that can cause issues.