Jose Tech Inspecting a crawl space
Crawl Space Inspection

We Specialize In Creating Safe Air Quality Spaces

Mold Inspections

Certified Mold Inspector

Mold inspection is a service that we started 14 years ago. As certified mold inspectors, we will consult with someone either on the phone or in-person that needs our help and we will come into their home typically for one of two reasons. We are either trying to find what is causing an odor that they have detected and can’t find the source of or to find something that is making them ill. This certified mold inspection typically takes about 1 hour while we inspect the home, depending on its size to look for moisture around
each of the windows, doors, all plumbing fixtures, under sinks, around toilets, in closets, and basically anywhere
that could be a place for moisture to reside. We do not rely on just the information the client gives us
but we do a thorough inspection and look everywhere we can to find the issues with moisture in the home or office.

VOC Assessment

Volatile Organic Compounds

VOC gases are released from various products and building materials through a process called off-gassing. VOCs are an often overlooked aspect of indoor air quality and may be responsible for a wide variety of adverse health effects. Homes and offices can have issues with these chemicals that can cause sickness or at the least irritation. These health issues include :
Headaches, Lethargy, Itchy eyes Nausea, Stuffy nose Respiratory irritation, Frequent respiratory infections.

We have a process of taking an air sample that will gather a signature of all the chemicals in the home, office, or any
area that we are testing. The samples are sent to a national lab and the results let us know what chemicals may be in the home or office. There are about 600 different chemicals that the system checks for. We have found
gasoline (in small amounts), propane, and other signature chemicals that can cause a great deal of harm even in low amounts. This process takes about one and a half hours to complete in your home
and while the sample is being taken, we look throughout your home to find other issues that may be the problems such as water leaks or humidity that can cause issues.

Formaldehyde Testing

Dangerous Chemical

Formaldehyde is a chemical that has been added to some wood products to extend the strength of the wood.
It is also a chemical that the EPA has banned for use in this country. This gas can cause numerous health problems, including watery eyes, skin irritation, burning in the throat and nose, headaches, and even some types of cancer. Unfortunately, there are companies, mostly far eastern companies that do not have the same health standard as we have in the United States. Many of the laminate floor products that are on the market have formaldehyde in them. The box will not tell you if it has formaldehyde or not. If you are buying laminate for your home, research where it’s manufactured at. If made in the USA or most European countries it will not have formaldehyde in the
product. Some of the newer laminates from the far east have changed but you need to do research
and ask questions. The guys at Home Depot or Lowes will probably not know the answer. I have had
people buy brand-new homes that they could not live in due to the laminate flooring installed. If you
have a contractor installing your floors please ensure that they are using non-formaldehyde flooring.

Asbestos Testing

Dangerous Fire Retardant

When remodeling, repairing, demolishing, or otherwise disturbing materials that contain asbestos, an asbestos inspection is required. If you own a home or are looking at purchasing a home that was built before the mid 80’s you may have asbestos in the
popcorn ceiling or around pipes for the furnace. Asbestos was used for fire retardants in most of these situations and was very popular before it was determined to be a health hazard. We
can test for the presence of asbestos and determine if you have it in your home and then give you ways to
take care of the issue. do not do asbestos work for government entities.